Brandtology Tackles Social Media Metrics at SMWF Asia

The Six Degrees team are delighted to welcome Brandtology to the Singapore #SMWF event later in September. A specialist in social media intelligence Brandtology works with brand managers and consumer insight teams to grasp an overview of all subjects being monitored (be it their brand, competing brands or their various product lines) in the social media space and discover market leaders and laggards , as well as hot topics, key influencers and important channels. Brandtology is able to provide highly accurate and relevant data and actionable insights.

Eddie Chau, CEO of Brandtology who will be presenting on two streams at the event commented “As brands divert their focus to social media marketing and consequently their budgets, there is a need to seek a more quantifiable manner of measuring the ROI of their activities on the social media platform. In response to feedback from our clients and partners, we have developed this new metric system for the purpose of such analysis.”

For instance, in the latest version of their proprietary Digital Conversation Management System, Brandtology can examine how the ‘Engagement’ metric quantifies the content creation and response levels of a particular brand. The number of conversations unilaterally initiated, as well as the number of relevant comments and responses are taken into account in determining a brand’s relative engagement as compared to other brands. Thus, a brand that pushes out boring articles methodically without garnering responses will fare very poorly on the engagement front.

Brandology will be providing a demo of Digital Conversation Management System at the event, so look out for them, and if you want to pre-arrange a meeting get in touch with the team.