5G: What will it change for the energy industry?

28 June 2018 12:00 - 28 June 2018 13:00

Via N. Bixio, 25, Pisa, 56125

Webinar: 5G: What will it change for the energy industry?
The business potential of 5G in the energy vertical is expected to be very high through the support of critical machine type communication (MTC) applications of energy grid protection and control and the massive volume of MTC type applications coming from smart metering.

The performance and flexibility promised by 5G will enable a communication infrastructure capable of supporting many use cases for 2020 and beyond, from distributed generation to storage of power and micro-grids.

Realising the full potential for the energy vertical will require many challenges and changes within the industry, including critical concerns like trust, control and liability, as well as a favourable policy and regulatory environment.

To better understand the opportunities and the challenges of 5G, Global5G.org is hosting a webinar on 28 June 2018 co-organised by IDC and Trust-IT: 5G: What will it change for the Energy industry?

The webinar is a unique opportunity to discuss the needs and benefits expected by utilities that decide to implement an evolved Digital Transformation strategy. In particular, we will be talking about:

5G potential to meet Energy industry requirements for smart meter and smart grids evolution
5G challenges and benefits for Energy sector: uses case examples
Smart Cities: the role of 5G technologies to innovate, spending more efficiently, reduce downtime
and face the urbanisation.

12:00-12:05: Welcome & Introduction, Daniela Rao, IDC Italy
12:05-12:15: 5G potential & challenges for European Energy sector, Daniela Rao, IDC Italy
12:15-12:30: Joint Opportunities for Energy/5G use cases, Javier Valino, Atos
12:30-12:40: NRG-5: Enabling Smart Energy as a Service, Alistair Duke, BT
12:40-12:50: 5G as key enabler for next generation smart energy grids, Massimo Bertoncini, Engineering
12:50-13:00: Questions & Answers
13:00: Conclusions