How Jack Daniel’s ensures its social media presence reflects its brand personality – #SMWF case study



At whisky brand Jack Daniel’s it’s no accident that its customers identify so closely with the brand – especially on social media, because it has worked hard to ensure its social media presence reflects its brand personality.

Speaking at #SMWF Jack Daniel’s global community manager Cordell Lawrence said the company worked out two years ago it could better engage customers by better relating its social media content to the personality of the brand, whilst also providing clear guidelines for the local social communities of the 60 countries in which Jack Daniel’s has a social media presence.

The company analysed the psychologist’s Carl Jung’s 12 common archetypes of human personality to see which best fitted its own brand personality – identifying four types that defined Jack Daniel’s and its motivations as a brand as a result.

At the core of the brand was the Everyman archetype, explained Lawrence (reflecting the company’s roots which see it still made by seventh generation families of its famous founder). On top of that were layers of Creator, Maverick and Explorer.

The company ensures every social media message it posts relates closely to its definitions of its brand archetypes rather than simply being used as another selling medium. An example of this being the company’s Christmas strapline “It’s not what’s under the tree it’s who’s around it”-  a message that relates to the company’s Everyman core of strong personal values, for example.

The move is also a radical change from the company’s campaign and promotions based content strategy of the past, said Lawrence. “It has helped us focus on standing for what we believe in and has had the biggest impact on social and how we speak,” he said.

It was an important move for a brand which already had a strong heritage for its customers to relate to, according to Lawrence.  “Jack Daniel’s is more than a brand. We have people that embrace our brand that don’t even drink,” he said. “Why do they identify with us? They identify with us because we represent integrity.”

“While consumer persona and consumer targets are important this is about treating the brand as if it’s a person – a personality. We aren’t going to say things just because our consumer target resonates with that statement or saying. We are actually going to say things because it’s inextricably tied to who we are, our personality as a brand,” he said.

The company uses the archetypes as the base for monthly writing sessions worldwide where it pulls in people from all parts of its business –from creative to finance – to help copywrite the correct messages for the brand. “When you have that authentic voice and approach people as if they are friends –as if you are at a cocktail part rather than as if you are trying to sell them — then it’s amazing the impact the honesty and transparency that they bring forward,” he said.

Most importantly the tactics has been proven to work with shares up by 27371%, likes up by 1493% and non-paid impressions up by 449%.