MobileWeb launches iPad app ‘Second Screen – Come Dine With Me’ for SBS Belgium

Mobile and social TV app specialist MobileWeb has announced the release of a new app for the iPad to function alongside the internationally successful show, ‘Come Dine with Me’, or ‘Komen Eten’, as they say in Belgium.  

Now available on SBS Belgium, the top Belgian app store, the Second Screen social TV iPad app offers viewers an interactive TV experience. It provides the viewer with a wealth of additional background information around the show, such as pictures, bios and related articles.

Together with the integration of multiple advertising modules, social media conversations from Twitter and Facebook are integrated into the app; and users are also encouraged to take part in the show through ratings and polls

Developed on MobileWeb’s own Mobile Publishing platform in just a matter of weeks, this ‘social TV’ application is the first in its kind in Belgium, and one of the first in Europe. US network ABC became one of the first TV broadcasters to started experimenting with second screen applications last year, while other US TV companies soon followed.

“However, in Europe the trend hasn’t broken through, yet,” writes MobileWeb. “Although experts expect the next few months to be the turning point for Social TV.”

Indeed, earlier this year, David Rowan, Editor of Wired magazine named Social TV as one of the six technology trends to look out for in 2011.

“TV is inherently social – and Social Media is a conduit,” adds MobileWeb. “Put them together in a workable, ergonomic way and the convergence will have impact.”

MobileWeb will be participating to the Social Medium World Forum Europe 2011 on 29-30 March in London, Olympia. To learn more about them, visit their blog, or follow them on Twitter. Or for more information about their publishing platform, email