#SMWF in pictures – thank you for attending!

That’s SMWF Europe over for another year; thanks to everyone who took time out of the ludicrously summery weather to come indoors and listen to a host of social media experts waxing lyrical about the developments in our industry.

After Chris Brogan tore down our preconceptions and misapprehensions on the morning of day one, before building us back up again based on fundamental common sense, we knew we were in for a good show. Thanks to all our speakers and chairs for the benefit of their insight and expertise over the two days.

There’s much debate about whether social media has matured as a market, and as such, whether there’s anything new to be said, but what we saw this week the answer to that question is a resounding no. It’s true that many of the basics and best practice areas are out there, including commonly know tips and tricks, but many of the less glamorous organization’s wide issues are still being worked on. In many cases it’s the organization wide role that hasen’t been addressed, and how ‘social’ is being approached from a top down perspective.     Fundamentally how social is approached from a strategic role and its integration within an organizations wide approach either from a campaign generation or service quality and relationship management perspective. As always, much still needs to be done in terms of best practice, and delivering on the basics is always important.

This year we’ve seen delegates approaching our speakers and exhibitors with complex strategic and operational questions about how they achieve pre-defined objectives. They understand the channels and they know what they want to achieve. That’s a big jump from last year when the majority of conversations centred on why social media was worth getting involved with; the question used to be ‘why’, this year it was most definitely ‘how’.

The top end of social media is forcing its way into the stratosphere, with measurement strategists burrowing ever deeper into the data, returning with philosophical questions about how we define engagement, why we measure it and how we mine applicable insight from it to inform future strategies. As the understanding increases, so the hunger for more data driven insight also grows.

Next year SMWF is moving onwards and upwards to a new venue. Look out for some massive developments in the format and content too. We’re constantly developing, and will introduce a number of new facets, including more in-depth content and new innovation only sessions, breakout workshop sessions, barcamp discussion only tracks for audience participation,  more speed networking with multiple parties and networking opportunities around the event.

We look forward to continuing to connect with you until then. Here’s how this year unfolded, in pictures.

 Keynote conference room

Chris Brogan – Keynote Address

‘Who should create content within an organisation? Everyone.’


‘Checking your Smartphone is the new smoking’

Social TV : Keynote Panel – Examining the current state of the social TV technologies and industry movements
Simon Miller, Chief Technical Officer, Zeebox
Sidharth Jayant, Content Service Manager, Samsung Electronics
David Nahmani, Director or Business Development and Partnerships, Orange / France Telecom
Lloyd Salmons, Co-founder and Director, Outside Line
‘It’s important to put the audience behaviour first, then understanding how to create great content ideas’
Afternoon Keynote: Scott Monty, Global Digital & Multimedia Communications Manager, Ford Motor Company
‘Create strong products, create engaging content, speak to customers like they do, and let your customers have a voice’

SMWF Connect Live!
MarketingTech Toolbox: Facebook Developer Garage London
Geoff Hughes, Strategic Director, Facebook Developer Garage London
Thank you to Buddy Media for this year’s networking bar!
Big thank you to all of our exhibitors that took part!
Keynote Track – Customer Service and the changing face of the consumer in the age of social media
Moderator: Adam Hildreth, CEO, CrispThinking
Lauren Gerstner, Global Manager, Social Media Strategy & Communications, Nokia
Bian Salins, Head of Social Media Innovation, BT
Gert Wim ter Haar, Social Media Hub Manager, KLM
Social Business: Social CRM panel
Moderator:  Thomas Power, Chairman, Ecademy
Paul Fennemore, Managing Partner, Viapoint
Lisa Walker, Head of Digital Marketing, HSBC
Guillaume Pech-Gourg,Senior Director Global CRM, EMI Music
Lars Ploughman, 
Enterprise adoption strategist, Tibco
Thomas Grota, Senior Investment Manager, Deutsche Telekom AG, T-Venture Holding GmbH 
MarketingTech Toolbox:  The Drum and Social Buzz Awards –  Doing a Ratner, when social media goes bad.

Moderator: Richard Draycott, Associate Editor, The Drum
Paul Fabretti, Brazen PR
Chris Jones, Social Media manager, BBC (2011 Judge)
Dave Coplin, 
Director of Search, UK at Microsoft (2011 Judge)
Ac Muir, Owner, Illegal Jacks
Jae Hopkins, Head of Communications, Butlins

 Afternoon Keynote, day 1 : Bruce Daisley, UK Sales Director, Twitter 

‘We don’t see Twitter as a social network, we see it as an information network’

Keynote track:  Gert Wim ter Haar, Social Media Hub Manager, KLM 

‘On average KLM answers Twitter questions within 23 minutes and have an issue solved within 10 hours’

 Thank you to our lovely massage ladies who helped us relax during a busy two days!

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