Social media for crisis management – no holds BAR’d

LEWIS PR COO Paul Charles will be chairing the SMWF “Social Media for crisis management” panel at 16:50, on day one of the event on 29 March.

The session will cover some of the recent catastrophes to have hit the news, and will involve some of the people who were, for better or worse, caught in the middle and forced to make their social media strategy work to deal with the situation.

Aurelie Valtat, for instance, covered last week in this blog, ran the EuroControl air traffic hub social media information feed single handed, keeping virtually all of Europe, passengers, airlines and worried relatives, up to date with the latest developments surrounding the Icelandic volcano crisis and what it meant for air traffic.

This is sure to be a fascinating panel discussion, and you’re almost certain to be in need of a stiff drink after hearing so many tales of social media heroism. Fortunately, Paul and the LEWIS PR team will be heading to the SMWF bar at the end of the session to continue the discussion with a few drinks on them.

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