Virgin Atlantic Airways’ Allison Wightman on Social Media

With Virgin Atlantic Airlines looking at developing their resources in order to take initiatives related to Social Media, we caught up with Allison Wightman to hear her views on the subject.

What are you looking forward to during the Social Networking World Forum?
Meeting other like-minded marketing professionals who are keen to understand and share thinking on Social Media

How do you measure the efficiency of a Social Media campaign? Is there a real need for a standard measure across companies or are you satisfied with whatever works for you?
Social Media should form part of the marketing mix in integrated campaign activity and as every campaign is unique, so too will be the measures associated with it

How can marketers benefit from Social Media and what steps can they take to interact and engage with online communities?
Social Media provides a huge opportunity for brands to get much closer to their customers and to understand what is important to them. Brands should first listen, then hear, then respond but above all act on conversations like one would in the real world.

What will delegates learn when they attend your session?
What Virgin Atlantic has learned on its Social Media journey to date…

Whats your personal favourite Social Network and why?
Linked In has become an absolute must for business, its like a constantly up to date business card carousel of who you have met and where they are currently – I just need to go back through the 2 card carousels on my desk and see if I can track any of those people down via Linked In!

Allison Wighman is scheduled to speak at The Social Media World Forum taking place in London, from the 15-16 March 2010